Less Filling/Tastes Great

"Get used to disappointment" is a line from inigo Montoya in the "Princess Bride". Might be appropriate for those who try to out think the USDA. Remember this next Monday as we anticipate having great weather this week which might mean better conditions but................

The National Weather Service in its recent 6 to 10 day outlook is calling for warmer and wetter than normal in the Heartland. I sense that these conditions willdonothing but aid the development of corn and beans and we need ideal conditions to achieve decent yields even if we're blessed with a normal to late end to this growing season.

Summer time and the livin' is easy. Prudent end users might be looking to extend coverage on any dips today while producers are a long way from price levels that they are willing to sell. Anticipate a lot of wheat moving into Toledo/Maumee this week. This might soften the wheat and corn spreads.